the house

after looking at about twenty properties, we’ve found a house. it’s in the cleveland neighborhood of old brooklyn. the section we’re in was built in the 1920’s, so most of the housing stock has the same look and feel. it’s the natural extension of the apartment buildings i lived in when i was in chicago. it has beautiful wood detailing throughout. most of it appears never to have been painted, which gives it a nice, dark patina of age. the floors are all hardwood on the first level, and mostly in great shape.

there’s a fireplace in the living room. there are two bedrooms on the first floor, which will be our offices (one for each). the dining room has a huge window flanked by leaded glass built-ins. the bathroom has the original tub in that extra curvy twenties style, while the rest of it has been updated. the heat vent in that room is right in the wall in the shower—which i just love! it’ll be very cozy in there in the winter.

upstairs, there’s a large bedroom in the front of the house. the pitch of the roof means that the ceiling there is only about 7 feet, but we are okay with that since the bulk of time in that room will be spent lying down. there is also a very large unfinished space next to that. ultimately, we would like to finish that off into a huge master bedroom suite with a second bathroom. somewhere down the road…..

there’s a very small yard out back. neither of us is big on yard work or gardening, so it will be a good fit. i want to have a few herbs along with a couple of flowers for cutting and maybe one tomato plant. the other vision i have is for a grape arbor in the corner of the yard. a little patio covered with a lattice framework. i’ll train vines up there—grapes or even a trumpet vine or wisteria—so we have a nice shaded place to sit in the summer. a place to enjoy a supper of grilled steaks, tomato basil salad from the garden and fresh squeezed lemonade. mmmmmmm…….

well, you might be asking yourself, WHAT ABOUT THE KITCHEN? he hasn’t said a thing about the kitchen! i’ve been saving it for last ‘cuz it’s the best part. the previous owners gutted this room to the studs and put in brand new everything! new walls, new appliances (in stylish black), new recessed lighting, new cabinets, new countertops, new wood laminate flooring. it’s quite a contrast to the rest of the house. ultimately, it’s what i would have wanted to do to every other kitchen that we looked at. as much as i love vintage charm in a house, i hate it in a kitchen. i want a clean, modern workspace to cook in. this one has it all. there’s room for a small table and 2 chairs in the corner. i get a window over the sink as well as a window over my main work station. i am just thrilled with it!

i’ve been hesitant to write anything about this so as not to jinx the process. we do not own the house yet. we have a signed contract and have been pre-approved for a mortgage. we have completed a successful house inspection. we still have several hurdles through which to pass, such as final mortgage approval, the title search, etc. while I have a high degree of confidence that this will all go well, i am also well aware that things can go awry at many points along the way. i won’t really exhale until the keys are in our hands. this is supposed to happen before memorial day, so keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us. we can use all the positive energy possible on this one!

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