so close…and yet, so far

we are very close to getting the house. we have gotten the final mortgage approval; we have the homeowner’s insurance; we’ve put the water/sewer/electric/gas in our names; i’ve even gotten an estimate for the movers to come and pack my things and haul them away. now we are just waiting for the title company to work its magic. at some point next week, tony and i will have to go there to sign our names a hundred times. they are very cagey about when this will be. i spoke to a very nice lady there, who promised me that she will call me a day or two before we need to come in. how is someone supposed to make a plan around work to take care of this??? i understand that it’s important enough that you should be willing to make arrangements, but i find it rude that they’re not able to set up an appointment with at least a week’s notice. what can you do? they hold the power.

we went over to the house last week to just look and we met a couple of the neighbors. they were very friendly and pleasant, and promised us that it’s a quiet neighborhood. i am more anxious to get in than tony, mostly because of my commute. i hope to decide in the next couple days about the moving dates and get things rolling along. there will, of course, be that transitional period when i won’t have internet access at home. (why hasn’t anyone come up with a term/acronym for this yet? TWIA:Time Without Internet Access….or some such phrase.) my current provider does not service that area, so i have to get a new company and email addy, etc. hopefully it will be simple this time around. in chicago, when i had excite and then at&t, they NEVER came for the first appointment. every single time they were supposed to come for installation or service, they would fail to show up and i would need to re-schedule. i hope that is not the case here in cleve-burg.

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