it’s ours!

we finally have the keys…the house is ours! after the expected delays and panicked phone calls (“we forgot to have you sign this form! i’ll bring it to you in an hour so we can file by 11.00!”), it belongs to us. except for the part that belongs to the bank.

we went for the walkthrough the other night and i love it more than ever. i keep adding things to the handyman list, but they’re mostly small things that we could do ourselves. i got a recommendation for someone that does that kind of work, which is always better than calling someone out of the blue. i’m betting that they won’t get in there and get it all done before i move in, but i’ll just have to live with that. if it’s bad, i can always stay at tony’s for a night or two. i don’t expect that all the stuff we want done will take more than a week to complete, once they get in and get started.

the movers are coming to pack on the 7th and to move me on the 8th. i have actually already culled out 16 shopping bags of stuff to be donated. it feels so good to get rid of things! these are mostly items that i have not touched or used since moving here 20 months ago. and i haven’t even gone through my basement storage locker! i’ve also packed 14 boxes…mostly clothes and books. the part i want the packers for is all the kitchen crap. i am really not interested in all that endless wrapping. i am the one who has to unwrap it all and put it away. i am happy to pay someone to take care of it on this end! once i get out, then i will put this unit on the market and get (at least some of) my $$$ back out of it.

tony’s story is a bit different. he has gotten rid of a lot of things. a local UU church is having a rummage sale and he will take them at least one carload of items to sell. i took him some boxes and tape the other day, but he hasn’t started packing yet. he plans on doing all that himself. he hasn’t set a moving date yet, either, although i’m sure he will soon. (he will use a moving service for his furniture.) i think he wants to wait til the work is done inside the house before he inserts himself into the place. i warned him that if he waits too long i will have taken over all the cupboards and closets!

on the other hand, he already has a buyer. his brother is going to buy it from him. he and his family will use it for out of town guests and such. if they end up not using it, they will rent it out. it certainly does simplify things immensely, especially given that he is a lawyer and can draw up all the papers himself. that way, all the realtors’ fees and legal fees are avoided. all that remains are the clerical fees. tony should get much more $$$ out of the deal this way. plus, there is no waiting to see when it’s gonna sell.

we went over yesterday and mowed the lawn and worked on the yard a bit. i have been spoiled by years of condo living! this is hard work! luckily for us, the yard is really quite small and simple. it should require minimal maintenance. also, tony has taken over two carloads of stuff already, so i will get started on that today. i’ll also begin the progression of trips to home depot. i found the one closest to the house…now i just have to learn my way around the store.

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