our new home

well, we’re both finally in. the moving days both went smoothly, apart from the trauma of seeing one’s house dismantled and loaded onto a 14 foot truck. there is a lot of furniture in this house, that’s for sure. it all seems to fit, with a few adjustments. for instance, tony’s old dining room table has become the laundry folding table in the basement. and his old couch just would not fit into his room , so that went out on the treelawn, where it was snatched up in a matter of hours. my office is still a mess, but we have the kitchen, dining room and bedroom pretty much together. the living room needs some attention still. we did get chairs and a table for the front porch and we sat out there last night. it was quite nice!

the workmen have been here doing their stuff and it really looks great. it’s mostly just minor plaster repairs and painting, along with some bits of carpentry work. it is making a big difference in the look and feel of the house. i am so glad that we are having it done and not trying to do it ourselves. it would have taken us MONTHS to get it done and our lack of skills would have been frustrating, to say the least. they say they have only one more day of work before it’s finished. we had the washer and dryer delivered yesterday; the alarm system people are coming today; tony’s phone is in and the cable internet connection is up and running; we put a dehumidifier in the basement which is helping enormously, etc., etc. once we get everything arranged and put away, there’ll be more pictures to post.

fathers’ day was nice. we celebrated it out at my sister’s and we had to do it on monday because of my work. we all pitched in and helped. my ma made a couple of boned, stuffed, roasted chickens (with gravy) that were beautiful and delicious. my sister made mashed potatoes and broccoli. my niece put together a cheese and cracker tray as a starter, and then made hollandaise for the broccoli. i threw together a salad and brought crème brulees from trader joe’s. plus, my sister made chocolate dipped strawberries for afters. it was all very yummy and we had a pleasant evening.

all in all, life is good right now. it has certainly been stressful being uprooted again. tony and i have both adopted the mantra, “i’m never moving again. i’m never moving again.” i certainly hope this is the case. i am in love with this house, as well as the house’s other resident. with my faith that those two things will never change, i expect we’ll be here forever.

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