tony and i are back from the cruise….ten days aboard the Norwegian Spirit. we left from new york and visited st. thomas, st. maarten, barbados, antigua and tortola. there will be pictures and descriptions of all of that forthcoming, but first let’s talk about the food. after our trip last year, i posted an incomplete list of some of the foods we had eaten. this year, i vowed to keep a better record. despite running out of paper (twice), i think i captured everything we ate on the entire trip. in addition to three seated meals a day in the main dining room (known as Windows), where we were served by the ever gracious dorothy and joenylyn, we also made multiple trips upstairs to the raffles buffet, along with stops in the blue lagoon restaurant, cagney’s steakhouse, le bistro, the bier garten, and the garden room. oh, and there were a couple of poolside barbecues. and a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres. well…you get the idea. in attempt to make it more digestible, as it were, i have grouped things by category. one caveat (if you can believe it)–while everything is included, i have left out the part where we ate items more than once. for instance, one of us had a caesar salad almost every day. and of course we ate bread with every single meal. so the sum total of what we ate is actually significantly greater than what you see here.

bon appetit!

tropical fruit plate
tropical fruit salad
dried apples

grapefruit juice
orange juice
apple juice
spicy tomato juice
tomato juice
decaf coffee
decaf espresso
decaf capuccino
peppermint tea

biscuits/sausage gravy
eggs benedict
eggs over easy
scrambled eggs
poached eggs
egg white veggie omelet
ham and cheese omelet
hash browns
raisin french toast
corned beef hash
link sausage
turkey sausage

shredded wheat
kelloggs complete
product 19
cream of wheat
raspberry yogurt
peach yogurt

hard rolls
soft rolls
sourdough rolls
black olive rolls
sundried tomato rolls
cheese rolls
wholegrain rolls
seeded rolls
sesame rolls

raisin scones
cinnamon scones
sundried tomato scones
wholegrain scones
rye bread
wholegrain baguette
cheese focaccia

cinnamon rolls
cheese danish
lemon danish
cherry danish
poppyseed danish
custard danish
apple danish
pineapple danish
blueberry danish
peach danish
walnut danish
bran muffin
blueberry muffin
fruit muffin
white toast
wheat toast

chilled banana soup
chilled plantain soup
chilled apple soup
chilled pineapple soup
chilled blueberry soup
chilled strawberry soup
chilled avocado soup w/shrimp
wonton soup
black bean soup
chili cheese soup
hot-n-sour tomato soup
hot-n-sour crab soup
wild mushroom soup in a bread bowl
broccoli cheese soup
watercress veloute w/frogs legs
lobster bisque
clam chowder
thai shrimp bisque
smoked tomato boullion
duck consomme w/wonton

salad bar
asparagus shiitake salad
mixed green salad
mixed greens with truffle vinaigrette
caesar salad
greek salad
shrimp mango salad
octopus mussel salad
shrimp mussel salad
octopus salad
asian beef salad
grilled beef salad
corn ham salad
pasta chicken salad
curry chicken salad
greek chicken salad
chicken tuna salad
asian duck salad
black bean salad
salade russe
papaya mango kiwi cocktail
pasta salad
rigatoni w/ tomato
caprese salad
cucumber salad
fennel slaw

steak sandwich
tea sandwiches
giant sub sandwich
beef cheese sandwich
chicken salad sandwich
turkey sandwich
croque monsieur

foie gras canape
foie gras croutons
spicy snack mix
potato chips

grilled tilapia
grilled salmon
fish and chips
rock lobster tail
lobster custard
lobster scallop martini
seafood cocktail
shrimp cocktail
crispy shrimp spring roll
udon w/prawns and pork
seafood pate
langoustine shrimp pie
linguine w/shrimp
crab dip
crab cakes
cod w/lentils & pancetta
breaded cod

cauliflower curry w/ chutney and raita
vegetable curry
tofu curry
hummus w/pita
eggplant moussaka
eggplant cutlets
eggplant w/peanut sauce
tofu veg strudel
spinach onion strudel
broccoli tofu stirfry
peanut noodle stirfry
singapore rice noodle
fresh spring roll
goat cheese tart
goat cheese panna cotta
macaroni w/cheese
veggie enchilada
stuffed portabello mushroom
sliced tomatoes/cheese
penne w/goat cheese
penne w/cheese & tomato
spinach canneloni
bean burrito
lentil stew

grilled westphalian ham
bavarian sausage
pork saltimbocca
pork medallions
braised pork roast
spare ribs
pork stew
country pate
peppercorn pate

chicken veggie stirfry
chicken parmesan
chicken stuffed w/chevre
garlic chicken
jerk chicken
chicken scallopini
chicken fajitas
chicken enchiladas
chicken w/green curry
chicken ala king
chicken w/olives
pancetta crusted chicken w/cream sauce
potato chip chicken
tandoori chicken
coconut chicken satay
buffalo wings
chicken fingers
flambeed orange duck

lamb white bean canneloni
lamb curry
lamb shank
lamb dolmades
shepherd’s pie
rack of lamb
leg of lamb

veal scallopini
roast leg of veal
grilled veal chop
veal spinach canneloni
veal meatloaf

prime rib
steamship round of beef
roast beef sirloin
strip loin
beef wellington
skirt steak w/chimichurri sauce
grilled skirt steak
strip steak
t-bone steak
filet mignon
sirloin steak
beef pepper stirfry
braised short ribs
orange beef w/noodles
beef stroganoff
calves’ liver
beef chicken empanada

broccoli cheese strata
broccoli w/almonds
snow peas/bok choy
sauteed spinach
creamed spinach
onion strings
roasted root veggies
glazed carrots
roasted pumpkin
peas in white wine sauce
tomato risotto
wild mushroom risotto
white bean ragout
red cabbage
creamed cabbage
tomato stuffed w/veggies
sweet-n-sour vegetables
french beans
pasta primavera
scalloped potatoes
roasted potatoes
gratin potatoes
gratin potatoes w/chevre
loaded potato skins
french fries
mashed potatoes
mashed potatoes with celeriac
roesti potatoes
potato pancakes
lyonnaise potatoes
rice pilaf
jasmine rice
white rice

banana frozen yogurt
berry frozen yogurt
vanilla frozen yogurt
peach frozen yogurt
vanilla ice cream
chocolate ice cream
strawberry ice cream
coffee ice cream
coconut ice cream

bread pudding
strawberry bread pudding
peach bread pudding
peach cobbler
cran apple crunch
mixed berry cobbler
chocolate souffle w/ custard sauce
harlequin souffle w/chocolate sauce
grand marnier souffle w/custard sauce
crepe souffle
chocolate avalanche
chocolate decadence
chocolate éclair
cream puff
chocolate cream puff
crepes suzette
cherries jubilee
bananas foster
chocolate fondue
choclate dipped banana
crème brulee
mocha crème brulee
apple in jacket w/marzipan
macerated berries
berry trifle

lemon custard pie
lemon cream pie
chocolate mousse pie
chocolate cream pie
double chocolate pie
coconut cream pie
boston cream pie
apple tart
apple pie
tarte tatin
pineapple tart
peach baba
peach upside down cake
ny cheesecake w/strawberries
lemon buttermilk cheesecake

lemon mousse
apricot mousse
orange mousse
chocolate mousse
chocolate bavarois
chocolate pots de creme

italian cream cake
banana cake
fudge cake
chocolate moussecake
chocolate cream cake
chocolate nougat cake
chocolate hazelnut cake
chocolate glazed cake
mocha cake
black forest cake
apple nut cake
linzer torte
banana bread
oatmeal cookie
chocolate chip cookie
chocolate macaroon
ande’s mints

belvedere vodka
cristall vodka
rum punch
banana daiquiri
valley of the moon syrah
st. francis cabernet 2003

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