Dinner in the Garden

We had a loverly summer dinner in my sister’s garden last night.  Friends and family came together to enjoy the outstanding weather and the peace of the late afternoon light.  There were cheeses to start, along with a mix of wine from Australia, beer from Belgium and sodas from Italy.  We gabbed in the kitchen as we finished the food prep and set up the buffet.  Once it was all ready, we filed out to eat on the patio.

The menu was a perfect early summer mix of light fare.  Grilled, marinated shrimp; beef tenderloin crostini with sage cream; refreshing, lemony tabbouleh; homemade burek filled with feta; crudites with a smoked trout spread; early lettuces from the garden with green goddess dressing; tollhouse cookies and miniature fruit tarts.  Served on vintage Heller Vignelli plates, it was an excellent kickoff to a season of dining en plein air.

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  1. Tes
    May 31, 2010 @ 06:55:21

    It sounds wonderful. I love dinning in the garden too. Thanks for sharing.


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