Where have all the muses gone?

I feel I have lost touch with my inner muse.  The force that drove me here for the last five months seems to have dried up, temporarily.  I have a stack of books calling to me.  Some of them are even about writing!  The summer has been action packed with all the canning and lots of wonderful travel…and more to come.  Looming in the future is also a birthday, one of those years that ends with a zero.  The point being, I’ve had lots of distractions drawing my attention away from this outpost on the innernetz.  I don’t doubt that I’ll come back to this.  I am not going to do the lame “blogger’s apology,” either.  I still feel this is the key to the next chapter in my life.  The pleasure I garner from the hours spent writing has not diminished.  Even writing about not being able to write brings satisfaction!

There are a couple of longer-form pieces brewing on the back burner.  I add to them in bits and pieces as the time allows.  I am doing some dining that deserves written reviews…we’ll see if I get to that.  Mostly I am just trying to enjoy being busy, remembering that when the snow and ice come I will once again have time enough to tap on these keys.

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