A middle-aged man, living a gracious life on the North Coast.  After thirty-five years in the business, I decided it might be time to finally sit down and write about food.  I have worked in every type of establishment, from college cafeteria and fast food, to white tablecloth dining room and fancy pastry shop.  I have been a dishwasher, prep cook, baker, line cook, saucier, pastry chef and executive chef.  I have bussed tables, waited tables and tended bar.  I have managed retail operations, kitchens and dining rooms.  I have helped probably hundreds of thousands of customers over the  years; most of them very nice, a few of them wonderfully memorable, some of them truly horrible.  After a lifetime of moving around that included stints in Chicago, Kalamazoo and New York City, I have settled in Cleveland.  There is an exciting food community here and I hope to capture some of  it on these pages.


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