A Message from Ellen

Please Please Please take a moment to watch this message from Ellen DeGeneres.

Will you then, PLEASE take a moment to think about what YOU can do to make a difference. Even the tiniest thing can have a big impact. Just bringing up this topic in conversation can get someone else to think about this crisis….someone who may not have heard about it, someone who can then go on to do their part.

I implore you to make this a living, breathing element of your consciousness. Whether through prayer or meditation or conversation or reposting this on your blog, please help to put a stop to these senseless, tragic deaths.


How do they know?

New banner ads, to which I am subjected in Hotmail, have now changed from a variety of cruise line come-ons to a promotion for an over-50, heterosexual dating website. Seriously? You can figure out from my online activity that I am past the half-century mark, but you haven’t gleaned that I am gay? The algorithms in those big server farms need some tweaking.

The Front Porch

The front porch is officially open for summer. I brought the plants out today for the season, the table and chairs had taken up residence a couple of days ago. We’re sitting out, watching the drifts of cottonwood debris float by. It’s wonderful!